What is a Digital Publication?

A Digital Publication (online flipbook, digital edition) is an exact digital replica of your publication. Digital Publications, converted from your PDF to Flash, offer an interactive online experience for your current and future "next generation" online users (readers).

Go GREEN with digital publicationsDigital Publications, Online Flipbooks, PDF to Flash ... get yours today!

Advantages include (but not limited to):
  • Eliminate (reduce) your print costs by offering a digital edition
  • Eliminate (reduce) your shipping costs
  • Attract the next generation of online viewers
  • Maximize your publication's exposure ... with a worldwide reach ... instantly!
  • Go Green and help eliminate waste for a healthier environment
  • Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Publications can be digitally created from your PDF or online document

Alter Ego Visual Design offers Digital Publications as a cost-effective GREEN solution and Digital Edition for magazines, newspapers, brochures, books, etc. Below is a sample digital publication that includes website and page links.

Features include:
  • PDF Hyperlinks automatically added
  • Fullscreen feature
  • Zoom feature
  • Download PDF
  • Search content
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics (*account needed)
  • Background image & Custom colors
  • Share (E-mail digital publication)
  • ** Social Share (Share link to digital publication)

(Click image for sample Digital Publication)

Digital Publications - Online Flipbook - Click here for sample

Please contact us @ (508) 341-7075 or via contact form to discuss your custom/unique project details and we will forward a proposal.

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